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LC Systems- EASY-nLC 1000 - Thermo scientific

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LC Systems- EASY-nLC 1000 - Thermo scientific

LC Systems


The leader in LC-MS innovation provides additional liquid chromatography solutions for a range of dedicated analytical needs. Whatever your requirements, Thermo Scientific LC, UHPLC, nano-LC, and LC MS systems deliver the performance your laboratory demands.


EASY-nLC 1000

Speed up your existing proteomics and other nano UHPLC workflows while improving separations for your analyses. The Thermo Scientific™ EASY-nLC™ 1000 delivers sharper peaks for better resolution and increased protein coverage with accurate and precise solvent flow management. Dual flow sensors placed ahead of the mixer ensure precise gradients for reproducible results. nanoViper technology and a large touch screen make the system easy to set up and use. The result is more, higher quality data in less time with a lot less effort.