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Achieve newfound confidence with the Thermo Scientific™ ClipTip™ pipetting system that lock tips firmly in place so they will not loosen or fall off, regardless of application pressure.
You can actually feel the tips lock firmly in place with a light touch. This makes daily pipetting a totally new experience. No more banging tips on your pipette to ensure that the tips are properly attached and sealed.

Worry-free pipetting is finally here with the only tip that clips.

• Eliminate the frustration of banging tips on your pipette
With a light touch, each tip is ‘clipped’ securely on the pipette.

• Reduce the risk of loose or leaking tips
When ClipTip pipette tips are on, they are sealed and will not loosen. The ClipTip pipetting system remains sealed until you decide to eject tips, even in the most comprehensive applications, including multiple tip touches and mixing cycles.

• Enable consistent and reproducible pipetting from user to user Higher-quality results and more efficient research.


Manual Pipettes F1-ClipTip Pipettes

• Maintain precise sample volumes on every channel1
Whether you’re using a single or multichannel pipette, the F1-ClipTip pipetting system ensures a complete seal on every channel for precise sample volumes, saving valuable time to accelerate your discoveries.

• Attach tips easily to help reduce strain injuries2
No longer bang tips onto your pipette. With a light touch each tip is ‘clipped’ securely on the F1-ClipTip pipette and remains sealed until you decide to eject tips.

• A complete tip seal for confidence in your results1
The F1-ClipTip system enables consistent and reproducible pipetting from user to user.

Electronic Pipettes E1-ClipTip Pipettes

feel the difference with E1-ClipTip Pipettes

• An ideal solution for complex protocols
When combined with interlocking ClipTip technology, the electronic pipetting action and flexible user interface of the E1-ClipTip System enable efficient use of precious time and resources.

• Electronic operation helps you enjoy pipetting again
Designed for optimum comfort and ease of use, the electronic tip ejection and index finger pipetting action let your thumb relax during pipetting.

A perfect choice for sample transfers between various labware formats
Adjustable tip spacing allows you to set the distance between tips simply by sliding the scale to expand and contract to your desired setting. This means fewer repetitions for multiple applications.

• Ideal operation for multiple users and environments
Personalized user interface and password protection ensure unified operation among multiple users.

Store up to 20 programs
The programs function allows you to store 20 of your most common protocols with a specific name

A pipette for multiple applications
Choose from single channels, 8–16 channel multichannels, or 6 –12 channel adjustable tip spacing multichannel
pipettes within the volume range of 0.5 –1250 μl

Track your pipette
Service and calibration trackers remind you when the pipette needs to be re-calibrated or sent for service

Liquid specific calibrations
Higher quality results with liquid-specific calibrations

Li-Ion battery
Quickly recharge for long-lasting performance

Convenient recharging
Choose to recharge your pipette on the stand or with just a cord — the choice is yours

Two-year extended warranty*
With convenient online registration