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BioLC Columns - Thermo Scientific

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BioLC Columns - Thermo Scientific

GC, HPLC and SPE Columns and Consumables

Discover the most comprehensive array of chromatography solutions available, from sample
preparation to sample handling to GC and LC columns. Our innovative products help deliver
workflow efficiencies, improved sample security, and innovative column chemistry solutions
that meet the world’s changing requirements.

Thermo Scientific
BioLC Columns


Nano Columns: A wide range of dedicated Acclaim™ PepMap™ nano columns with zero-dead-volume connections and EASYSpray ™ integrated column emitter devices. 


Rapid Separation LC Columns: Acclaim RSLC columns for ultimate speed and resolution in UHPLC.

Mixed-Mode Columns: Includes unique chemistries with tunable selectivities for charged and non-charged analytes.

Bio Columns: A wide range of polymeric chemistries and a unique monolith technology for the separation of biomolecules.