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Power Processor Fast Track Configuration 21S

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Alternate Configuration

Sample Processing Mode :
  • Operator places bar-coded samples on the system
  • Power Processor sends sample receipt message to LIS
  • Non-centrifuged samples are sorted to proper sample rack
  • Remaining samples are centrifuged and decapped
  • Samples are routed directly to the proper sort areas
  • Samples are routed to connected analysers using intelligent sample routing and workload distribution to optimise throughput
  • Completed samples are routed to refrigerated storage, while those with pending tests are routed to appropriate outlet racks
  • Samples with reflex and add-on tests are recalled automatically from storage and routed to the right workstation, then returned to storage

Sample Mapping Mode :
  • Mapping operator selects sample mapping mode and places samples from off-line analysers on the system
  • The system loads storage racks and records rack position and sample ID
  • Retrieval operator enters sample ID ; the system displays sample ID, rack ID and sample position for easy retrieval

Includes :
  • Inlet station
  • Hematology outlet for non-centrifuged samples
  • Automated centrifuge and centrifuge conveyor
  • Decapper
  • One outlet for spun samples going to non-connected workstations
  • One NCCLS connection for UniCel DxI 800 immunoassay analyzer/DxI 800 gantry
  • Two connections for SYNCHRON LX chemistry analysers
  • One 200-tube stockyard
  • Sample carriers and line controller computer
  • PrepLink 3.0 computer and software
  • Generic racks
  • Data manager

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